About Riverweather.com

Our website was developed to give boaters on the Mississippi River a place to view current weather conditions, focused on the Alton Pool on the Upper Mississippi River. The Davis weather station is located at Polestar Marina located in St. Charles County, MO. The weather data is updated on most pages at five minute intervals, data includes, temperature, dewpoint, wind speed, wind direction, as well as rain data. The data is archived in an easy to view format and dates back to October of 2011. We also track all time records for this time period, this data can be viewed from links on our homepage.

We have included a forecast provided by the US National Weather Service, this is automatically updated several times a day to keep boaters up to date on weather expectations. We also have radar displayed focused on the St. Louis region.

Recently I have expanded our river stage data displayed, we now have the entire Mississippi River covered, every gauge on this river can be displayed, I did break it down to 5 different geographic regions to make it easier to find your river forecast. The Missouri River, Illinois River, and Meramec river data can also be viewed, all data is updated hourly.

Riverweather.com is owned and operated by Tom Stolze, and is part of the O'Fallon, MO Weather network.